Benefits of Jamun

Benefits of Jamun

Jamun has historically been used to treat various non diabetic conditions, as its fruit, dried seeds and leaves are known to be very potent. Below are some of those ways:

One gram per day of the dried seeds in powder form helps to reduce irritable bowel syndrome (constipation).

  1. If taken three (3) times a day in one-gram doses, it effectively helps to reduce hypertension (high blood sugar).
  2. Two grams of dried seeds powder helps to decrease polyuria of any cause.
  3. The leaves and seeds improve the health of the uterine
  4. Eating the jamun fruits on a regular basis for 2-3 months helps the remedy bleeding hemorrhoids
  5. The rind of the fruit helps in easing liver enlargement
  6. The decocted seeds mixed with honey prevents fatigue and thirst that may be caused by physical strain and also has antiseptic function
  7. Useful as a detoxifying agent
  8. The fruit helps to decrease excessive salivation as well.

Below are the constituents of the fruit pulp per 100 grams.

Trace elements = 4%

  • Calcium - 15mg
  • Iron - 12mg
  • Phosphorus - 15mg
  • Vitamin C - 18mg

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