Beet Juice – Detox Booster

Beet Juice – Detox Booster

Beetroot is a root vegetable which is considered as a super food and has lots of health benefits. 

I was reading the other day that Carrots, Beets and Celery are referred to as “Food for The Liver “and are rich in minerals and vitamins and are also excellent for your gut. If you’re looking for a Detox Drink to start your day, beet juice is the answer to it.  

However, Beets can be a very acquired taste, and not everyone is fond of it. I must admit that I’ve learned to love it.  

Trust me, it’s pretty good. it is really all about what you combine it with. Try out this combination for a super tasty beet juice

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time

10 minutes

Total Time

15 minutes




  • 1 small beet peeled and diced 
  • 1 small carrot diced 
  • 4-5 spinach leaves 
  • A small piece of lemon along with its peel 
  • A small piece of ginger 


  1. Gather all the above ingredients into a blender. 
  2. Blend everything together in Vitamix or juicer. 
  3. A few pieces of apples, clementine’s or fresh berries can be added for sweetness and also for a vibrant color.

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